Best Feature Film 
Best Director
Best Screenplay 


Waiting for the Storm

Director Rogelio Salinas III

A family’s peaceful evening takes a horrifying turn when three men in masks and hoods break into their house and take them hostage. When they offer the home invaders to take anything they want, one of them reveals the true reason their house was chosen.

87 min 2017  USA

​Best Short Film
Best Actress 


Rose’s Turn

Director Kymberly Harris

In leading role — Rhonda Stubbins White

A glamorous European couple working in LA invite a homeless woman for dinner, and learn that their idea of helping may not be as simple as it seems.

15 min 2016  USA

Best Actor 


​About Arif

Director Hasan Kalender

In leading role — Deniz Ozkan

Arif with Down syndrome has only one purpose in his life: dancing with a woman. But, all of the his neighbours know that Arif lives in an imaginary world.

12 min     2016   Turkey

​Best Documentary


A Hole To Hell

Directors Pawel Nazaruk, Tomasz Adamski

In ‘A Hole to Hell’ we follow retired Geologist Yuriy Smirnoff who worked on the Kola Superdeep borehole – a project by the then Soviet government to bore deep into the earth’s crust. An internal feat of drilling as revolutionary and awe-inspiring as the external race into space. Media outlets reported on a myth that the drilling had opened up an entrance to hell. But what the filmmakers show us is a portrayal of a man out of time, walking through a graveyard of memories. The ageing Smirnoff takes us on a tour of Korzunovo, a Soviet ghost town, home of a Red Army garrison once frequented by Yuri Gagarin. And finally to the borehole itself. And what starts with a myth of Hell as a superficial horror story develops into a study of a man lost in a hell created by the vacuum left by the collapse of the Soviet Union.

14 min 46 sec  2015   Poland

Best Experimental


Better than garbage

Director Robert Misovic

A short film about a woman’s desire to keep her baby, and give the child a life better than the one she was afforded by her parents.

4 min 31 sec   2016   Canada

Best Cinematography
Best Editing


Hunting Day

Director Ivo Skanstins

When after a poaching run a hunter is found dead in the forest, the hunters daughter and mentally ill son set out in fathers old milk truck to find the truth behind his death and take revenge

19 min 38 sec       2016    Latvia

Best Video Art 



Director Ali Adhami

A short film about Hegemony, Xenophobia, and War.

8 min 41 sec    2016   USA

Best Animation
Best Music



Directors Janneke Swinkels, Tim Frijsinger

Music by Tim Coenen

‘Mijndert’, a young man from the South of the Netherlands, is about to begin his first working day in the mines. We follow his trip to the mines and the descent deep under ground.

5 min 8 sec    2015   Netherlands

​Best Trailer 


Bullet Vein trailer

Director Euro Hangebruch

The tragic death of a young lady causes a dramatic reunion of an old gunslinger, a prostitute and a suitor. Everyone bears a dark secret on his own and still they are tied to a joint fate. An emotional duel will decide about life and death of everyone…

1 min 30 sec   2016    Germany