The feature film Baby For President is a parody humorous show produced by the Mashed Potato Players. Vincenzo Vermicelli and Alex Justo Zulueta created the film at the intersection of genres: a comedy, a political satire, a parody of the TV show. The film is made in an original way, combining a comedy story and an experimental concept.

The plot is based on an absurd situation. Five year old boy Dominic and his father have seen a same dream in which Dominic becomes a President of the United States. Next, for an hour and a half, we see the election campaign with Dominic and Incumbent President Herbert H. HOOEY. The novelty of the concept is that we watch a film shot in an unusual way. The camera does not follow the characters and does not show them in different situations, as in traditional cinema. Instead, we see the «talking heads» of leading TV shows and various experts throughout the film. Thus, we perceive the history of the confrontation between the boy and the President as it would be shown on television in real time.

Choosing an experimental concept, the authors always risk to lose the attention of the audience, if it will be immune to creative search. By the way, a story of the boy’s struggle for the presidency, for all its absurdity, could be shot as an ordinary comedy with an ideal dramatic structure. Such the film would have main character Dominic, who opposes to his antagonist HOOEY. The hero’s goal is to become President, and the antagonist’s goal is to stop him. We would be waiting for the final scene with classical finale where the hero defeats the antagonist. We also would be grateful for a crazy final twist turning the story upside down.

The film, stylized as a TV show, frankly, not the most exciting spectacle. When you look at successive TV presenters and experts more than hour, your hand involuntarily looking for the remote control of the TV. At some point, the movie starts to seem too long, and even humor doesn’t save the situation. Nevertheless, somewhere in the middle of the film you can feel a full immersion, and you get so used to this format that the authors ‘ idea becomes close and clear to you.

The filmmakers show us the story of Dominic through «watching TV». We see only short inserts with Dominic and HOOEY, and all main part we see the various TV shows. In fact, the purpose of this film is to show the true nature of modern society. Despite the fact that we are talking about the United States, we can find that the same system works in other countries. Despite the existence of the Internet, the TV still plays an important role in the mass consciousness. In fact the talking heads from the TV create reality, no matter how strange it sounds.

This film is a deep political satire on modern society. Even if you’ve never seen the American TV shows, you’d be surprised how similar it is to what you can see everyday on TV in most countries of the world. Brainwashing and the formation of fake reality – this is the main task of television in the modern world.

The film Baby For President is not a story about a stupid President HOOEY and a child Dominic, but about the reality in which we live. The authors of the film make the audience think about very serious things through comedy and parody .