Bite Me! (Director Sergei Safiullin)


“Bite Me!” is a very short film by American filmmaker Sergei Safiullin, which is telling about one of the most important problems of our time. The film starts with a dynamic scene shot from the first person. The viewer does not immediately understand who the victim is, but scenes of domestic violence cause a rapid flow of emotions. The movie can be attributed to the genre of thriller, but this thriller contains not only scary scenes but also a social background.

The pandemic that swept the world in 2020 has exposed another terrible problem. According to world media, domestic violence has increased in many countries around the world during the quarantine and isolation. Those cases show that humanity is very ill. Instead of showing love and compassion in the family, many males show aggression towards their wives and children. Thus, the possible threat of infection is perceived as less dangerous than the real threat of violence.

Sergey Safiullin created an actual artistic statement in the form of a bloody thriller. He used a minimal set of artistic tools. There are only three actors in the film. However, the plot itself is not an original concept. In fact, the director filmed a newspaper article or a television report about violence. The plot is really not original. The enraged father of the family terrors the wife, child, and dog. Thanks to the director’s work, this banal story captures attention from the first seconds.

From the first seconds of the film, the father brings hatred. Of course, this is a great merit of the actor, who coped with his role perfectly. Other actors Sierra Keys (Mother) and Christopher Navarro (Son) appear in the frame only in the climactic moments. Therefore, the main character is a violent father. Shaun Fraser holds the attention throughout the film. It is necessary to mention the dog. The work with animals is a separate art. We do not know how much time it took, but the dog does what is required.

In general, the problem of violence is becoming particularly relevant in modern society. It’s not just about domestic violence. The «MeToo» movement, the process of Harvey Weinstein in the United States, the Cesar award scandal in France related to sexual violence and harassment. Before our eyes, the paradigm of the development of modern society is changing. It doesn’t matter who committed the violence – a genius or an ordinary person.

It doesn’t matter how long ago the violence occurred. Moreover, it does not matter how the victim currently perceives the rapist. In fact, the victim may forgive the rapist after many years, but this does not negate the fact of the crime. Now no merit or personal characteristics can’t be an excuse for violence. Even the statute of limitations does not relieve a person of responsibility. Yes, someone may not fall under legal responsibility, but such a person cannot take a former place in the professional community. New morality and ethics are being formed before our eyes. This is a very important achievement of the new century. Even in the twentieth century, humanity has not been able to get rid of sexism and male chauvinism, which is the root of violence.