STOP INVASION! Director Leopoldo Medugno

The short film “STOP the INVASION!” by Italian filmmaker Leopoldo Medugno was completed in March 2019. If at that time it was perceived as a very high-quality, but one of many thrillers with a secondary idea of a viral epidemic, then in 2020 this film is perceived as a terrible prophecy. Those who will watch the film now and later will inevitably draw parallels with the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps in a few more years, when humanity will be inundated with movies and books about COVID-19, no one will remember about this movie, but now it is one of the few amazing prophecies. In any case, today it is obvious that the name of this director is worth remembering. Also, it necessary to wait for the next Medugno’s film.

Despite its small timing, the film has flashbacks and several storylines. However, this accumulation of characters and parallel stories works well in a TV series or, at least, in a full-length film. Here, the timing does not allow you to complete the storyline of Fausto Marchi (Marco Quaglia). For the same reason, Giulia (Antonella Marino) is too schematic character. Despite the fact that she plays an important role in the plot, she doesn’t appear very often in the film.

The film begins with a car crash scene that captures our attention. Umberto (Alessio Esposito) found himself and his wife Anna (Ludovica Di Donato) in a crashed car. Who are these people? And what caused the accident? Flashbacks provide information about the lives of Umberto and Anna, as well as about the unknown epidemic. The film shows a talented and sparkling satire on modern politics, television, and society in general. No one knows the cause of the virus, but populist politician Fausto Marchi believes that migrants are to blame for the infection.

In this film, the virus makes people aggressive works as a metaphor. The problem of migration to European countries has been of great concern to many Europeans in recent years. Despite the fact that the film uses the cliche of zombie horror, the film actually has a deep social subtext.

In addition, the director uses a move with adultery, which plays a fatal role in the accident. On the one hand, this twist really gives the film a dynamic at some point. On the other hand, the theme of treason is revealed superficially because of the small timing.

It is worth noting the excellent camera work of Emanuele Pasquet (director of photography). The visual part of the work is done at a brilliant professional level. Excellent work with light and space, perfect frame compositions allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a thriller.

As already mentioned, the authors of the film used ready-made developments when they create the story. The idea is taken from zombie horror movies, where a virus or some other infection is transmitted through a bite, then it changes a person, and he becomes dangerous and aggressive. However, this idea works as a social metaphor. Aggression, which increases in society, is a danger to the whole society. It doesn’t matter who is the source of aggression – foreigners or indigenous people.

The film » STOP INVASION!” is a brilliant social thriller. This film contains so many meanings and ideas that they would be enough for an entire serial.