Indian short film The Last Story by HIMANSHU KESHARWANI is a serious attempt to make a genre film with an unusual story. Indian cinema has always had its own special style and unique atmosphere. But it’s not about what we call «Indian cinema.» If the Western thriller is focused on psychologism, external effects, a dynamic plot, the Indian thriller focuses on inner life of the characters and unhurried contemplation.

The Last Story is a very atmospheric thriller with a detective intrigue, the shocking bloody scenes and the final twist. The main character of the film is a successful writer Abhinav Sharma (Samir Raees). He writes the detective novels, he has a lot of fame and money. Meanwhile, there’s a serial killer is acting in town. It turns out that the murders in real life exactly repeat the murders describing in the books. Some people suspect that the killer is Abhinav Sharma.

Suddenly the writer commits suicide as described in his book. Police investigation concludes that the writer’s guilt is beyond doubt. In fact, we will know about the killer in the final of the film. Then we will paint another picture in our head, and we will understand the true motives of the killer.

Detective story in the film is very high quality. Often the writers deliberately withhold some facts to lay them out as trump cards at the end of the story. But it shouldn’t be like that in a good detective. The viewer or reader should have complete information, and the final twist should give the opportunity to see the same story from the point of view of the real culprit. In this case, when we find out who is the real killer, we can watch the movie again and notice the things that we didn’t notice for the first time. At the same time, the story will not lose its internal logic and motivation of the characters.

The acting work in the film is very good. Even each character of the second plan – not just a statistician but a living person with character. Especially noteworthy lead actor Samir Raees. He embodies the image of a true creative genius: a kind, a naive, a detached and a little crazy man.

The camera work is also commendable. The bloody scenes are shot very atmospheric and naturalistic. It should be noted and atmospheric music that helps the viewer to feel the anxiety and suspense. The most shocking and terrifying scene is the writer’s suicide. This scene is masterfully done due to the operator’s work, the editing, the makeup. This scene can be compared to the classic scene in the shower in the film by Alfred Hitchcock «Psycho». No matter how many times you watch it, you feel a genuine fear and you can’t understand how it was filmed and mounted.

In fact, The Last Story by HIMANSHU KESHARWANI is a metaphor for the relationship between the creative person and the industry. The film shows how the greedy publishing business sucks creative resources and literally life out of the writer, and then finds a new victim.