The Perfect Murder (Director Vikkramm Chandirramani)

The Perfect Murder is a short film by Indian director Vikkramm Chandirramani. Speaking about genres this work is closest to thriller with the elements of satire here. There is a clear morality in this film, which is presented not rectilinearly, but subtly and gracefully.

The main character of the film is an unemployed actor Kabir (Rohan Gandotra). He tries to convince his wife Neha (Samvedna Suwalka) to invest money in his project. However, she refuses him. Neha calls him to quit an acting and to enter a family business. In the first scenes of the film Kabir inevitably evokes sympathy from the viewer. Our sympathy on his side, because his dream on first place for him. We think that he tries to implement his project with all force. He looks as a positive character.

Soon it turns out that Kabir has a mistress Carol (Niharica Raizada). He plans to leave his wife for her. But even this fact does not allow to be disappointed in the main character. His wife, being the daughter of a rich man, continues to insist that Kabir took up the family business. She does not support his creative ambitions.

However, a story takes an unexpected turn. Kabir and Carol decide to kill Neha to get her money. Kabir arranges the assassination plan and prepare to implement it, but the final twist stands the situation on its head.

This short work has a many advantages.

  1. Dynamic and distinct plot. Barely starting to watch the movie, it is difficult to come off. The film is full of action. The motivations of the characters are clear and convincing. It is interesting to watch heroes overcome obstacles. Despite the fact that Kabir is a poor loser, the women like him. In his life there are two beauties – wife and mistress. There is no doubt that the secret of his attractiveness – male attractiveness and sexuality. Even if we stop empathize with Kabir, we wonder if he will succeed in his evil plan and would he be punished.
  2. Great acting. Rohan Gandotra very accurately embodied the image of a creative person in a humiliating situation, when a wife manages the finances, and a husband is a worthless loser. He and his two partners formed a harmonious ensemble of actors.
  3. The editing and camera work. The film is not protracted. It hasn’t the unnecessary pauses, unnecessary scenes and frames shot just for the sake of beauty. The whole visual component of the film works on the idea and the plot and does not draw attention to itself.

However, some of the scenes do not look well thought out. Camera angles and shooting points in some scenes also look chosen hastily. Yes, it does not interfere with the perception of the film, but the film could look more interesting and memorable visually.

The Perfect Murder – is a pronounced mass cinema, which will be clear to fans of art house, and fans of genre films. The idea of the film could be expressed by saying: He that mischief hatches, mischief catches. However, Vikkramm Chandirramani showed in this work that there are no good and bad people, and there is no absolute good and absolute evil.