THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME (Director Marc Saez)

THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME by Marc Saez is an atmospheric neo-noir with elements of black humor, social satire and crime thriller. From the very first seconds of the film director skillfully creates an intrigue. Abandoned basement with neon lights. A tied up man. A woman in a leather jacket with a gun. A dynamic music. The viewer can only wait for the bloody denouement.

No, it’s not a student imitation of Tarantino. This is a mature uncompromising work of an independent filmmaker. We know a lot of cult villains and maniacs, but there were no women among them. However, a female avenger is always in a better position than a male in a similar situation. After all, the motivation of a male villain is the desire to be a punitive sword of his own justice. In other words, a man’s motivation is to take on the role of God. But the woman only restores the disturbed balance. And the main culprit, of course, is a man.

Exposing the problems of sexism, gender inequality and sexual pressure in the film industry, Marc Saez does not offer a solution. Yes, it is no secret that entry into the film world is possible through the patronage and lucky fortune. Not the last role is played by sex as a way to get a role. But how to make sure that a talent and an art will be at the top of the industry, not the money and the connections?

Actress Elle (Veronique Picciotto) is tired of living by the laws of the industry set by men. After another unsuccessful casting, she decides to finish the producer’s lawlessness. A fat old man with a gag in his mouth squeezes out all the vital forces from the actors, forcing them to satisfy not only his creative ambitions, but also his sexual appetites. He tries to escape and feels genuine fear when the woman-kidnapper threatens him with a knife or a gun.

Excellent camera work and acting makes the film almost perfect in visual and ideological terms. In this work, the director touched too deep questions and raised a truly inexhaustible topic for artistic expression. It would seem, for what to start all this performance? Was this kidnapping must prove to him that she was a real talented actress? Does the women’s revolt against men’s rules in the film industry really make sense? The dirty desires of the rich men will always determine who will get the role and career, and who will not, isn’t it?

We know that many real criminals broadcast their activity on the Internet to attract attention to themselves. If the actress had done this, her actions would have been more logical. At the same time, if she carried out her revenge, and we saw the blood, the sympathy of the viewer would still be on her side. Would she kill her abuser? If we talk about the audience’s expectations, the final of the film will plunge you into shock and will be unexpected. This short is a successful and highly professional work that has a big potential to grow into a feature length film.