Gone With The Tree

Director Shi Jie


As a girl born in the 1990s, Cuozi has always kept her faith in protecting the old house with her grandmother, and yet along with the desolation of the village, her faith has been stirred from the tide of moving into the city…



Director Deepak reddy


A young man muses on the nature of love, recounting three relationships from his past. The girls in his life resemble three different seasons, namely Chaitra (Spring), Varsha (Monsoon) & Seeta (Winter).

Best Documentary

Forstwirtschaft / Forestry

Director Jens Nagels


The planned economic activity aimed at the cultivation and harvesting of wood in forests.
The objectives of this economic activity include the extraction of raw materials and the preservation of the protective and recreational function of the forest.
Wide and paved forest roads cross forests.
Huge machines draw attention to themselves with noise and devastated areas frighten the walker.

Best Cinematography

Signs of Life — Kangaroo Island after the bushfires

Director Ashley Starkey


Non-narrative documentary. The footage was filmed on Kangaroo Island, South Australia 25th — 30th January 2020. I was on the island doing some volunteer work making videos for some locals as a small contribution to the post bushfire recovery. After that work I decided to travel through the western end of the island where the fires had been the most intense. I planned to capture some footage, but didn’t want to focus on the worst of the aftermath as the media had well and truly covered that. Camping under the stars on the first night out I had a flash that I could try and capture ‘Signs of Life’, I had the title and then it was a matter of seeing if I could find many.

Best Actor, Best Actress

Thomas Brill, Kelli Maroney

A Well Respected Man

Director Rickey Bird

United States

Jim gets a promotion of a lifetime the same day the world may be struck by a large asteroid.

Best Director

A Diary of Isolation

Director Mariusz Wirski


An intimate recording of the director’s family trying to survive the pandemic. Everyday rituals gain a new dimension: playing with a child, a phone call or going for a walk still remain, but meaning changes. We are afraid of the other person, the streets are empty and the shops are closed. The director documents an apparently abandoned city, demonstrating what a world would be like without humans — or, more likely, a world in which humanity has gone. The camera focuses on details during several months of isolation.

Best Editing


Director Kevin Uskokovic


A short horror/comedy silent film about a man in poverty finding work in the service industry.

Best Animation


Director Ji Seon Lee

United States

The lives of modern workers are similar with the lives of worker ants. Worker ants work hard everyday, do their parts, and live in ants house by dividing rooms. But some of unlucky worker ants can be killed by human with no specific reason. Most of human kills those ants just for fun. Even so, other worker ants must keep to work everyday.
Then, what about human in modern social? Especially those in working class? Workers working hard everyday. Business workers do the typing in company, laborers carry stones busily, and housewives do housework all day. But, some people can get unfair disadvantages by upper class. Those upper class people can handle lower class people by what they want. Sometimes they harass others to satisfy their interests. This can lead someone to be in the big tragedy, but the rest of workers have to keep working anyways. And this is the reality lived by many.
The reality that human has faced is much similar with the lives of worker ants.

Best Video Art

Empty Object with Music for Two Pianos

Director Stephen Richardson


This is a 5-minute film artwork with an original music sound track. Imagine we build a machine to make drawings. We plug it in and it starts, but we give it no instructions and there are no controls. It does what it does, all we can do to stop it is pull the plug. Random, unpredictable, chaotic, and relentless, without sentiment and devoid of human meaning. Watching it is mesmerizing and intriguing. What would that drawing look like? Without human intent can it be art?
Here is your chance to see. The film is accompanied by a sound track, Empty Music for Two Pianos by artist and composer Stephen Richardson.

Best Trailer


Director Andor Zahonyi


«What if one day an unimaginable Evil arrives to enslave the Earth? They attack our cities, our bodies, our souls, but most horrifyingly, they seek to attack the heart of Earth itself … the Earth chakra located in Dobogókő, Hungary. If the Earth’s chakra is destroyed, there will be no hope for life to survive as we know it.
In this hour of need who can help? Armies are useless. We need a Superhero.
And how do you find a Superhero when you need one? Through a magical book … a Book of Faith?
Do we need faith to save the Earth?
But who has faith these days? Children?
Prepare yourself for an epic adventure … are you ready?»

Best Experimental Film

Annabel Lee

Director Gordon Pepper


A poetic interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem.

Best Music Video

Try Try Director

Brian Luff

United Kingdom

This is both a short film and an animated video for Rachel McGoye’s «Try Try» — taken from the album Beautiful Disaster. 

Best Web Film


Director Maxime Chefdeville


The incredible story of a group of French resistance fighters unwillingly participating in the D-Day landings.

Best Screenwriter


Writer Shockadelic


Follow an Australian family of four through a surreal day.

Best Feature Screenplay


Writer Paul Cross

United States

Blaming the Catholic Church for the death of his wife, Henry is determined to make an exposé revealing the Church’s responsibility. Not divulging the true intentions of his documentary, Henry’s quest leads him to Rome where he’s promised access to the Vatican by its highest ranking cardinal, Silvio Contini, the Secretary of State of Vatican City…

Best Short Screenplay

Across the Field

Writer Sean Dalton


A young man comes home to an empty house after seemingly leaving his phone at the pub. He then finds his phone in his house and realises that he’s no longer home alone.